We are so happy to announce that we have begun offering our clients the opportunity buy from the Norwalk Furniture line. We have long admired Norwalk Furniture's aesthetic, philosophy, and customization capabilities and we are happy to be able to pass these values along to our clients.

Please visit our dedicated 'Norwalk Furniture' page in the navigation above and please call Diane (contact info above!) for more information.


Made in the USA:

Norwalk Furniture has always been 100% made in Norwalk Ohio since 1908. We are proud to support and offer this Made in America craftsmanship to our clients. 

"At Norwalk Furniture, we take pride in bringing you custom upholstered furniture with exceptional quality that is manufactured in Norwalk, Ohio. We are proud to provide jobs to the U.S. workforce and are committed to supporting domestic suppliers, especially local artisans including the Amish."


45 day lead time:

Along with an incredible 45 day delivery (because who doesn't want their beautiful furniture right away?!) Norwalk Furniture proudly offers Made in USA custom upholstery so you can rest assured that you are getting a good, safe, quality product. 


Fully customizable:

Tweed, along with Norwalk, utilizes millions of combinations of styles and applications to create unique looks. Clients are able to select various types of seat cushions, wood finishes, pillows, trim and other numerous special details.

Browse the Norwalk line below, and call Tweed to take the next step!